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The Sunday Social

The Musical Wheel of Misfortune, we’ll spin the wheel at the start of the show and you have to come up with 3 songs that will fit the category chosen by the wheel, submit those to us during the show on Twitter @bigbroadcastuk and we’ll pick the best ones to play at the end of the show.

Home And Away, we invite station members to come onto the show from the comfort of their own home and introduce 2 songs, 1 by a UK artist and one by a foreign artist.

Dead Or Alive, again you can join us live on the show and pick 2 songs for us to play, one from an artist no longer with us and one from an artist who is, what could be simpler, go on, you know you want to…… #getinvolvedinit

Not for the feint-hearted, The Mistress Quiz, our resident quiz Mistress Ruth Stapleton will be asking the questions and you get in touch with us on Twitter @bigbroadcastuk and give us the answers – there’s no prizes for getting it right though (we’re a stingy bunch at BIG Broadcast Towers) – but you get the satisfaction of knowing you were right, or not.
Oh and by the way, no cheating, by order of The Mistress!!!!!

A Song You’ve Not Heard In Ages, exactly what it says on the tin, get in touch with us at anytime during the week on Twitter @bigbroadcastuk or by using the form below and let us know about a song you’ve not heard in ages and if the team agree with you, we’ll play it, so what’s your choice of a song you’ve not heard in ages?????

All this plus our regular features too….

Our very popular quiz returns once again, Where’s Oli? with Harrogate Hospital Radio’s Oliver Stables setting the questions and you have to guess where in the world he is.

The News Today read by Hospital Radio Reading’s (the ever cheerful) Jonathan Sawyer. A look at what was making the headlines in previous years and playing a hit song from this date in history.

A Film, Theatre or Gig review, Ruth Stapleton from Prince Bishops Hospital Radio who will join us to review either a gig, performance or film?

Isolation Interviews, Matthew Rolland from Hospital Radio Reading chats to a special guest from the celeb world about lockdown and how they have managed during it all.


Harrogate Hospital Radio is 100 percent volunteer led and we are always on the lookout for individuals to join our talented team of volunteers!