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Saturday’s Schedule

6am - 7am
7am - 8am
Join Carl Richards as he plays every chart-topper of the decade in the order they reached that coveted Number One spot.
8am - 10am
Another chance to hear last night’s request show.
10am - 12pm
with Mark Field. Including the “Instant Jukebox”; call in and request a song at anytime during the show and it will be played instantly. Other features include two classic Motown tracks and two tracks from a classic album. Sponsored by Vida Healthcare, Harrogate
12pm - 1pm
Join Ann Kilroy for a unique mix of music for your Saturday lunchtime.
1pm - 2pm
A look back at the golden years of radio with music and hopefully some interesting facts and information from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with an occasional foray into the 1960’s
2pm - 4pm
Start your weekend off right with an all-expenses paid excursion to Club Atlantis, the best kept secret of the radio waves. Your stay will feature a complimentary selection of luxury Missed Opportunity Album Tracks, a trip to The Quiet Room for our weekly Music Talks segment and a generous helping of the finest up-tempos around. Quality personally guaranteed by your host, Jonathan Tullett.
4pm - 6pm
With Joshua Dykes. Featuring some of the newest indie music; some more well-known tracks from the past few decades; the “three facts” feature and the “wildcard song”.
6pm - 7pm
Each week Mike Streeton features popular solo artists or bands who are frequently requested by our listeners. As well as playing their most memorable songs, he highlights interesting facts about their careers.
7pm - 8pm
A show of good-time, happy, sing-along tunes that just don't get played on the radio anymore. Presented by Ian Wighton.
8pm - 9pm
John Manning and Steve Pexton take you through the film programme for the month, looking at the best and "sometimes worst" of the offerings at our local cinemas. They also reminisce about some classic movies well worth another viewing on DVD or other streaming devices. Plus, their idiosyncratic choice of music to fit the themes.
9pm - 10pm
A one-hour performance from some of the station’s most requested artists.
10pm - 11pm
Join Steve Pexton as he turns the amps up to 11 and plays classic rockers from the 60's to the present day, listen out for "The Ageing Hippy Classic", "Five From Three" and the "Conundrum".
11pm - 12am


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