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Wednesday’s Schedule

6am - 8am
Oli Stables wakes you up with some great music. Find out what this week’s record of the week is around 7.20am. Sponsored by Enid Taylor ltd, Harrogate.
8am - 10am
Another chance to hear last night’s request show.
10am - 12pm
Join Jonathan Tullett for two hours of explosive entertainment. Features a round of complaint catharsis in Things Worth Hating, a look back at some of the most interesting moments in pop culture history with our weekly Snapshots and a trio of Majors' Minors - 3 minor hits from 1 major artist - chosen by you each week.
12pm - 1pm
with Richard Smith.
1pm - 2pm
Since the first official UK singles chart back in 1952 there have been nearly 1,300 chart-toppers. Hear a few of them in this hour with Carl Richards. Sponsored by Number One Travel, Harrogate.
2pm - 4pm
It’s time to return to the days of Beatlemania, flower power, the Mersey sound and; rock ‘n’ roll. This was the decade when England won the world cup, swinging London was the place to be and; great music was to be heard everywhere. Presented by Peter Hustwit
4pm - 5pm
Join Catherine for an hour of nostalgia and happy memories of the 70s, when we lived happily without the internet or mobile phones. (Repeated at 4am)
5pm - 6pm
Join Ann Kilroy for an hour of easy listening country music with a dash of Irish country music. (Repeated at 5am)
6pm - 8pm
with songs, trivia and chat based on two mystery themes. With some vinyl anticipation, lyrics of the week, The Universe according to Douglas Adams and a bit of Le velo News.
10pm - 11pm
Tim Walden helps relax you after a hard day.
11pm - 12am


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