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Human Fruit Machine

Here at Harrogate Hospital radio, we are always looking for ways to raise much-needed funds to run the station. During a visit to a pub one time, one of our members thought-up an idea to raise money; a Human Fruit Machine!

The what…?

Well it is as it says – it’s a Fruit Machine manned by Humans.Three blacked-out compartments so the ‘fruiteers’ cannot see each other.

Three baskets each with nine pieces of identical fruit in. You pay to have two goes.

Someone rings the bell and the ‘fruiteers’ pick a piece of fruit at random and hold it aloft. (Of course, they can’t see each other so don’t know which piece the others are holding.)

If all three fruits match – you win a prize.

After working to build the structure of the Human Fruit machine, Harrogate Hospital Radio were invited to join THE BIG PICNIC (a fund raising day for the whole of the hospital) at Valley Gardens in 2014 and so the Human Fruit machine made its debut!

It was a glorious day and over 100 people had a go at the machine, including local MP for Harrogate & Knarsborough Andrew Jones, although he didn’t win!

So if you know an event that you think the Human fruit machine would bring a bit of fun, why not get in touch with us here at HHR and we will be happy to attend.



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